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Everyone can’t be right…but everyone can be wrong

Whose the KingWe cant all be right because when we are right we want to kill those that are wrong and when we are wrong we want to kill those that are right. In our own mind, we are never wrong so it depends on whose perspective you look at things from, right and wrong are entirely subjective and the death of another human being should never be justified purely on a subjective feeling that it is right. Even if we know ourselves to be wrong we believe that we are absolutely right about being wrong. Religion does this to us and it is in the name of religion that murdering gets done and it’s in the name of religion that makes it justified because deep down we “know” that what we are doing is right. It’s why people will never be won over on arguments, just willing to make mutual oversights and compromises that will work towards an end that is entirely selfish end that is fuelled by a personal impression that we are right. So nothing changes but we can enjoy the social accolade of being Politically Correct and above reproach in the eyes of the world and because we haven’t changed our deep down feeling of being right we also know what a sham our words and life are. This is true for all human beings that have the capacity to be rationally self aware and the humans who appear to be blameless in others eyes have better social skills in hiding their insecurities and foibles. They are more able to work in social settings and are quite happy to never mention the elephants in the room and to be pleasing to those that are important to them in a sycophantic manner that does not fool everyone. They are willing to compromise for the benefits it brings but deep down the autonomic selfishness that is the human condition is still whirring away like a heater in the background that can never be heard until it turns off.


So the allowing of others to be right in a multi faith or all accommodating with mutual respect approach sense is a compromise that gets tricky in two ways. First of all it means that you have to accept and pay homage to religion and practises that to yourself seem repugnant, vile and evil. For example you may not agree with the way women are treated in some cultures and religion and so in multi faith approach you sanction deeds in your own heart that you would ordinarily ban from your thinking and indeed your own personal religion and leaves you unable to possess your true thoughts and thinking openly and honestly in the public arena without fear of public condemnation for not being inclusive enough or being prejudiced by not allowing people to practice what they believe to be right. Because it does have to be said that there are some human to human interactions that cannot be condoned nor tolerated in a civil society. Secondly, though political correctness or what we would call “good religion that is inclusive of others” is amplified and appears to be a good thing no one actually moves away from the premise that they are right. People from every religion from monotheism, polytheism to atheism have to acknowledge that what they believe in is purely subjective fashioned and shaped by many other humans guessing as to what the truth really is. As science debunks religion and demonstrates that the world and the heavens are not constructed as they were imagined to be by humans who lived thousands of years ago the very fabric of what we believe changes and shifts to accommodate new idea’s like the earth is in fact 13.5 billion years old and is slowly becoming contemporary accepted religion even though the most holy and ardent of saints gone by would have been so repulsed by the very notion that they would have made an inquisition into your beliefs and tried to rescue you from your heretic thinking with hot pokers, sharpened steel and all manners of tools for inflicting pain and torture to aid your rehabilitation to the correct thinking, and if you yield, to publicly acknowledge that what someone else believes is true, and on pain of death as the horrendous scar on your face strikes home the fear that you must be right. The thing is that our Truth over the thousands of years we have been articulate enough to communicate through writings and carvings on stone tablets has changed over time. It took three centuries for the doctrine of Jesus being God to be borne by the imaginings of Constantine over 1700 years ago. It took over 1600 years for us to realise that the world is not flat with the heavens in the sky like a big dome over head made of water and so our Truth of the world and the spiritual realm we perceive to live in has changed entirely and completely on its head many, many times and will continue to do so.


If everyone could just simply accept that what they know and believe to be not the truth then everyone would be on a level playing field. Yes we don’t really know how and what this wonderful universe we live in is but no one is right and therefore no one has the right to kill you for being wrong. In other words there is no one on this planet with that right and here is the rub, some will disagree with me and why? Because they believe themselves to be right and that I am wrong and at best to be pitied and all “inclusively accepted “ or at worst maybe they would like to see me dead or shut up and humiliated with what a terrible human being, leaving me in the stocks of life for others to throw their rotten whatever at me.


If I am not right and you are not right then can’t we get on with finding out what it is all about and in the meantime look after our neighbours and get on with each other with the love and respect we all down believe we deserve for ourselves. No point in reinventing the wheel but it is summed up with treating other people how you would like to be treated.


I know we are not very good at this but first step could be that we agree not to kill each other. I think it is a common human sentiment that the killing has to stop on all sides of the argument and maybe that could come about if everyone could be honest about the fact that killing someone over an argument about what someone said, and how it’s to be interpreted, thousands of years ago is rediculous. It may have been an advantages guess that evolved several religions all that time ago but is it advantages now? And does God really want all that blood and death and was God really the inventor of genocide as depicted by the early contributors to the Bible and other holy books? I think not and though I’m not saying I am right, I am saying it’s a safer place to be starting from and people can be free to be the good people they believe themselves to be.


Stop the hatred.

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